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Athearn Locomotives and Rolling Stock
Bachmann Trains
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SP Daylight 85' 10-6 Sleeper, Con-Cor 223-79107
Southern Pacific "Daylight" (red, orange) 85' Streamline Corrugated 10-6 Sleeper
Item #: 223-79107
Electroliner #801-802, Con-Cor 223-8718
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee #801-802 (Turquoise and Salmon) Electric Electroliner 4-Car Train Powered
Item #: 223-8718
Out of Stock
Electroliner #803-804, Con-Cor 223-8719
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee #803-804 (Turquoise and Salmon) Electric Electroliner 4-Car Train Powered
Item #: 223-8719
Out of Stock
Amtrak Next-Gen 3-Car Set, Con-Cor 223-8728
Amtrak Next-Gen 3-Car Streamlined Train-Only Set - Standard DC
Item #: 223-8728
Advance Reservation
Zephyr 3 Car Train, Con-Cor 223-8734
Chicago Burlington and Quincy 1940s Twin Headlight Zephyr 3 Car Train Powered DCC Ready
Item #: 223-8734
New Haven Comet 3-Car Streamlined Train-Only Set, ...
New Haven Comet 3-Car Streamlined Train-Only Set, Standard DC, 1935 Scheme
Item #: 223-8735
Out of Stock
NH Comet 3-Car Train Set 1941-5, Con-Cor 223-8739
New Haven Comet 3-Car Streamlined Train-Only Set - Standard DC 1941-1950s Scheme
Item #: 223-8739
Advance Reservation
Holiday Rails Diesel Freight Train Set, LifeLike, ...
Here's the perfect train set to re-live holiday memories or start a new tradition! Designed for quick and easy set up, the Holiday Rails looks great under the tree or adding animated action to a Christmas Village display. A powere...
Item #: 433-8198
Out of Stock
Branch Line Train Set, 433-8607
Set includes F7 diesel locomotive with working headlight, two-bay hopper, steel door box car, eight-wheel caboose, 38" Power-Loc track circle, illustrated instructions and a copy of Beginner's Guide To Model Railroading.
Item #: 433-8607
Rail Master Diesel Freight Train Set with Power-L...
Set includes F40PH diesel locomotive with working headlight, two-bay hopper car, refrigerator car, eight-wheel caboose, 45 x 36" oval of Power-Loc Track layout, 38 railroad signs, 24 street and highway signs, six utility poles wit...
Item #: 433-8608
Next Day
Freightline USA Diesel Freight Train Set, Life-Lik...
This top-of-the-line train set includes a GP38-2 diesel loco, 6 freight cars, 49 x 76" double loop Power-Loc Track, 2 manual switches, 18 piece bridge and pier set, coal tipple, gravel dump station, operating dual crossing gate, 3...
Item #: 433-8644
Santa Fe Flyer Train Set, 433-8660
Includes F7 diesel locomotive with working headlight, five rolling stock cars, 56 x 38" track oval, UL-approved power pack, passenger station, two cars, one truck, three trees, 86 signs, 12 utility poles, log dump station, plug-in...
Item #: 433-8660
Rolling Rails Train Set with Carry Handle, Life-Li...
Here's the perfect starter set for the young railroader in the family. Leading the way is an electrically-powered F7 diesel with working headlight, finished in Santa Fe blue and yellow. The assembled freight cars are ready to roll...
Item #: 433-8693
Smoke Stack Express Trainset, Life-Like 433-8851
Smoke Stack Express Trainset- Infrared Remote Control. Locomotive w/working smokestack. Take the throttle for big time freight train fun with this complete and colorful battery-powered starter set! Leading the way is a hard-workin...
Item #: 433-8851
Next Day
Diesel Freight - Diesel Driver, UP GP38-2 Loco, 5 ...
A Union Pacific GP38-2 diesel locomotive with working headlight pulls a wood-brace boxcar, 2-bay hopper, steel door boxcar, stock car, log dump car with logs and matching 8-wheel caboose around a 65 x 47 1.65 x 1.19m Power-Loc tra...
Item #: 433-8852
Out of Stock
Diesel Freight, Golden Thunder Diesel Train Set wi...
GP38-2 Loco, 4 Cars, Caboose, 47x38" Power-Loc Oval, Power Pack. Colorful set features a Union Pacific GP38-2 diesel locomotive with working headlight, stock car, gondola, single-dome tank car, steel door boxcar and matching eight...
Item #: 433-8853
Lil Smokey Steam Train Set, Life-Like 433-8854
Infrared Remote Control. Locomotive w/working smokestack. 34 peices.
Item #: 433-8854
Next Day
Rail Charger Diesel Freight Train Set, Life-Like, ...
Rail Charger Diesel Freight Set, Lighted F7 Diesel, 3 Freight Cars, 36 inch Track Circle, Power Pack and Trackside Accessories.
Item #: 433-8886
Next Day
Super City Elevated Rails Train Set, LifeLike 433-...
F7 AND GP38 Diesels, 2 Passenger and 3 Freight Cars, 2 Track Ovals and Accessories. Life-Like's Power-Loc track, is a unique side-locking track system that clicks together instantly and locks track securely in place. There's ...
Item #: 433-8994
Next Day
Steer'n Race Road Set, Life-Like 433-9026
Figure 8 layout with Two Steering Wheel Controllers.
Item #: 433-9026
Lightning Racers Race Set Kahne & Gordon, LifeLike...
AARP #24 & Farmers Insurance #5 Jeff Gordon & Kasey Kahne. The green flag falls and engines scream as the AARP #24 and Farmers Insurance #5 cars driven by Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne duke it out on this wicked fast track w...
Item #: 433-9054
American Highway Road Racing Set, Life-Like, 433-9...
Life-Like Racing Roadracing Set, American Highway with 2010 Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro.
Item #: 433-9079
Out of Stock
Off-Road Racers Roadracing Set, Life-Like, 433-908...
Two ATV Fast Trackers shred this course to see who the ultimate winner will be! There's 18' (5.49m) of excitement with a unique jump ramp that tests drivers' skills, moveable logs that can be positioned anywhere on the course to c...
Item #: 433-9087
Ford Horsepower Roadracing Set, Life-Like, 433-908...
With two authentic 2010 Ford Mustang GT(R) cars, this super-exciting 13.5' (4.11m) raceway features over-under action, hairpin curves, and a lightning-fast straightaways. And theres a tricky squeeze track that makes every lap a li...
Item #: 433-9088
Next Day
Fold 'n' Go Champions Speedway, Life-Like 433-9097
Champions Speedway Fold 'n' Go Race Case, Kid Powered with 2 Cars. No batteries! No electricity! Completely portable slot car racing in one convenient layout! Unfold the carrying case to reveal a fun, bi-level race course. Kid-pow...
Item #: 433-9097
Out of Stock


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