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  O Scale Model Trains & Parts
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Z1000 Transformer, 100watt, MTH Trains, MTH401000
The most powerful ready-to-run train set transformer you can find, the Z-1000 boasts 100 watts of power, a U.L. approved design and separate 14v Accessory Ports. Its robust design will provide years of service and power enough to ...
Item #: MTH401000
Accessory Transformer Power Supply, 100 watt, MTH ...
DCS users who don't need a conventional transformer and controller can use this 100 watt power supply for small and moderate sized layouts. Featurng a U.L. approved design & separate 14v AC Accessory Port, its robust design wi...
Item #: MTH401000A
RealTrax Lighted Lockon, MTH RiteTrax System, MTH4...
Operating Power On Light. Quick Snap-Together Connections. Intricately Detailed ABS Construction.
Item #: MTH401003
Next Day
RealTrax Wire Harness with banana plugs, MTH RiteT...
Color-Coded Wire Set. "Banana" Jack Cable Connectors. 24 inch cables.
Item #: MTH401015
Next Day
RealTrax Infrared Track Activation Device, MTH Rit...
Multiple Accessory Control . 10 Amp Capacity. Intricately Detailed ABS Construction. Plug-In Connection.
Item #: MTH401028
Next Day
Z-DC1 Transformer, MTH Trains, MTH40200
A perfect small power supply to power up accessory lights, the ZDC1 includes a smooth feeling power knob atop its UL approved enclosure.
Item #: MTH40200
Next Day
30 Watt (HO) Z-DC300 Transformer, MTH Trains, MTH4...
Featuring 30 watts of power and a 16 volt AC accessory port, the CSA approved DC-300 will comfortably run up to five HO locomotives. Thanks to the AC accessory port, the DC-300 can throw a turnout or light up a town's building and...
Item #: MTH40300
Advance Reservations
Z4000 Transformer, 400W, MTH Trains, MTH404000
If you want to max out your power potential, the 400-watt Z-4000 is the most powerful transformer to receive the UL-Listing for the model railroading hobby. The Z-4000 has two separate throttles to let you power two different trac...
Item #: MTH404000
Next Day
Z500 Transformer, 50W, MTH Trains, MTH40500
50 Watts Max Power Output. Smooth Operating Throttle Knob. U.L. Approved.
Item #: MTH40500
Next Day
Railking Transformer Controller Set, MTH Trains, M...
RailKing Controller Set Includes Z-500/Z-750 transformer controller, RealTrax lock-on (40-1003), RealTrax wire harness (40-1015)
Item #: MTH40750C
Next Day
Scaletrax Infrared Track Activation Device(ITAD), ...
ScaleTrax Infrared Track Activation Device - ITAD
Item #: MTH451028
Out of Stock
DCS Remote Control Set Includes DCS Remote and DCS...
The DCS Remote Control System allows you to leave track voltage constant and control multiple Proto-Sound equipped engines individually. Thirty-two buttons and an LCD display provide total control over Proto-Sound features such as...
Item #: MTH501001
Next Day
DCS Remote Control, MTH Trains MTH501002
DCS Remote Control Hand Held Controller
Item #: MTH501002
DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU), MTH Model Trains, ...
DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU). Control with the MTH501002 remote hand held controller (sold seperately).
Item #: MTH501003
DCS Accessory Interface Unit (AIU), MTH Model Trai...
DCS Accessory Interface Unit (AIU)
Item #: MTH501004
Protosound Battery, 8.4v, MTH Model Trains, MTH501...
Rechargeable 9v NiCad Battery for Proto-Sound or Proto-Sound 2.0 (5 Volt Board) equipped locomotives
Item #: MTH501008
Next Day
6' Mini-to-Mini Cable, MTH Model Trains, MTH501009
Proto-Cast/Programming 6ft Mini-to-Mini Cable
Item #: MTH501009
Next Day
Terminal Block, 12-Port, MTH Model Trains, MTH5010...
Layout Wiring Terminal Block. 12 Port.
Item #: MTH501014
Next Day
TIU/Barrel Jack Adapter Cable, MTH Model Trains, M...
Plug and play cable that connects the power supply used in M.T.H. Z-500, Z-750 and Z-1000 transforrmers directly into the DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU) Input Channels
Item #: MTH501017
Next Day
Proto-Sound 2.0 Battery Charger, MTH Model Trains,...
Proto-Sound 2.0 Battery Charger
Item #: MTH501019
Next Day
Terminal Block, 24-Port, MTH Model Trains, MTH5010...
MTH Electronics, 24-Port Terminal Block
Item #: MTH501020
Next Day
ProtoSound Loco External Battery Charger Kit, MTH ...
Easy-to-install kit provides the external battery charger port you need to recharge your locomotive without putting it on the track (requires the 50-1019 Proto-Sound Battery Charger). Some modification of locomotive required.
Item #: MTH501021
Out of Stock
Proto-Sound Locomotive External Battery Charger, M...
Easy-to-install kit provides the external battery charger port you need to recharge your locomotive without putting it on the track (requires the 50-1019 Proto-Sound Battery Charger). Some modification of locomotive required
Item #: MTH501022
Out of Stock
Original Proto-Sound Reset Kit MTH Trains 501023
Kit Contains: (1) 9v NiCad Battery, (1) Chip Puller, (1) Ps-1 Descrambler Chip. Use this kit to reset an original Proto-Sound locomotive programming to default settings. The chip is only required for locomotives whose programming ...
Item #: MTH501023
Next Day
AA Ni-Cd Proto-Sound Battery, MTH Model Trains, MT...
AA NiCad Proto-Sound Battery
Item #: MTH501024
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