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  O Scale Model Trains & Parts
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30 Watt Transformer, Atlas O. ATO1000030
UL listed. Traditional design 0-14 volt variable AC output. Power switch. Power and overload indicators. Suitable for small AC-powered train sets. Perfect in all scales as a variable AC accessory power supply.
Item #: ATO1000030
80 Watt Transformer, Atlas O. ATO1000080
UL listed. Traditional design Horn/whistle, bell and direction controls. 0-18 volt variable AC track power output. 7-16 volt variable AC accessory power output. Power switch; Power and overload indicators. Suitable for all AC-powe...
Item #: ATO1000080
TMCC Power Adaptor Cable, Lionel, LIO12893
Connects your transformer to the PowerMaster for operating TMCC and non-TMCC equipped locomotives.
Item #: LIO12893
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153IR Accessory Controller (infared), Lionel, LIO...
Infared Sensors detect passing trains and activate connected accessories. Time delay ajustment knob from zero to 5 seconds.
Item #: LIO14111
Lighted Track Power Lock-on Connector, Lionel, LIO...
Lionel Track Accessory - Lighted Track Power Connector Lock-on - LIO14112
Item #: LIO14112
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TMCC Action Recorder Controller (ARC), Lionel, LIO...
This device allows you to automate your entire layout or just one part. Perform any scenario on your layout using your CAB-1 Remote Controller?move a string of cars to a siding, load a freight car with coal or logs, or even allow ...
Item #: LIO14181
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TMCC Accessory Switch Controller (ASC), Lionel, LI...
Offering up to 15 amps of power on each output, the awesome TMCC Accessory Switch Controller can operate an amazing eight accessories or four switches and ten routes! It?s time to get rid of all the control buttons on your layout?...
Item #: LIO14182
Out of Stock
TMCC Accessory Motor Controller (AMC), Lionel, LIO...
The TMCC Accessory Motor Controller offers you realistic control of your motorized accessories. With the TMCC Accessory Motor Controller, you can operate accessories like the Log Loader, Saw Mill and Gantry Crane with prototypical...
Item #: LIO14183
Next Day
TMCC Operating Track Controller (OTC), Lionel, LIO...
Open up even more of your layout to the freedom and power of TrainMaster Command Control. The TMCC Operating Track Controller allows you to control operating tracks and uncoupling tracks from your hand-held CAB-1 remote. There is ...
Item #: LIO14185
Out of Stock
TMCC Accessory Voltage Controller (AVC), Lionel, L...
Extend the life of your operating accessories with the TMCC Accessory Voltage Controller. The AVC acts like a multi-tap accessory regulator. Now you can quickly fine tune the voltage of every accessory on your layout with the push...
Item #: LIO14186
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6ft TMCC Command Base Cable, Lionel, LIO14191
Connects controllers to the TrainMaster Command Base.
Item #: LIO14191
Out of Stock
TMCC 3-Wire Command Base Cable, Lionel, LIO14192
Connects the TMCC ARC to the TrainMaster Command Base.
Item #: LIO14192
Next Day
1ft TMCC Controller to Controller Cable, Lionel, L...
Connects the new TrainMaster controllers together.
Item #: LIO14193
Next Day
TMCC Track Power Controller (TPC) Cable Set, Lione...
The TMCC TPC Cable Set connects parallel PowerHouse transformers to the TPC 300/400. The set also includes adapter plugs to wire your transformer to the TPC 300/400.
Item #: LIO14194
Next Day
6ft TMCC Controller to Controller Cable, Lionel, L...
Controller to Controller Cable , 6 ft
Item #: LIO14196
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CW-80 Transformer 80Watt, Lionel 6-14198
Enjoy operating your favorite locomotives, train sets and accessories with the all-new CW-80 80-Watt transformer. From the handsomely designed controller, reminiscent of the famous Lionel ZW, control speed and power by raising and...
Item #: LIO14198
Out of Stock
#993 Legacy Control Expansion Set, Lionel, LIO1429...
Need additional remotes? The #993 LEGACY Expansion Set includes #991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller and a #994 LEGACY Charger
Item #: LIO14294
#990 Legacy Command Control Set, Lionel, LIO14295
The #990 TMCCII LEGACY Command Set features a #991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller and a #992 LEGACY Command Base/Charger, the two components you need to get started. Only one LEGACY Command Base/Charger is required per layout. Lik...
Item #: LIO14295
Out of Stock
Walk Around Remote Controller, K-Line by Lionel, L...
Remote Controller, K-Line by Lionel, LIO21438
Item #: LIO21438
SC-2 Command Control Switch Controller, Lionel, LI...
Allows remote radio control of ac loads up to 15 amps! Powered either by the track or a wall pack, the sc-2 is input fused for maximum durability. It has program storage for control of the six programmable outputs capable of manag...
Item #: LIO22980
Out of Stock
Powerhouse Power Supply, 180 Watt , Lionel, LIO229...
PowerHouse Power Supply Unit advanced power system 180 watts UL - listed for safe operation. The Powerhouse power supply can be used as a stand alone power supply for TMCC and other applications.
Item #: LIO22983
Out of Stock
#996 Legacy to TMCC PowerMaster Bridge, Lionel 6-2...
Layouts using the Lionel PowerMaster (LIO24130) can transition to full CAB-2 operation with the new #996 PowerMaster Bridge. The PowerMaster Bridge allows you to replace your TMCC CAB-1 with a LEGACY CAB-2 to vary voltage, change ...
Item #: LIO24279
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36 Watt Accessory Transformer, Lionel, 6-32923
36 Watt/1.8 Amp Accessory Transformer, Basic power and control system, Ideal for powering your Lionel Accessories.
Item #: LIO32923
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TMCC Direct Track Power Lockon, Lionel, LIO34120
Connect your PowerHouse Power Supply directly to the track with the TMCC Direct Lockon. Featuring a selectable current setting (up to  180-Watts), the Direct Lockon eliminates the need for a PowerMaster if you run only TMCC-e...
Item #: LIO34120
Out of Stock
LEGACY Writable Utility Module, Lionel 6-37125
We recommend purchasing separate Utility Modules for Base updates, CAB-2 updates, and system back-ups.
Item #: LIO37125
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