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  O Scale Model Trains & Parts
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The Lionel Railer makes it a breeze to put cars on the track. Just slide the car down the railer and it will guide the wheels squarely on the track.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12039
In Stock

Crossing Gates, Signals, and Bridges. There is no better way to add fun and excitement to your layout than with realistic Lionel railroad accessories. From signals to trestles, and bridges to tunnels, there is something for everyone. Run your favorit...
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12714
In Stock

Detailed molded construction, Easily snaps between outside rails of O and O-27 track, Illuminated red lights, Set of 2.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12715

Standard End of Track Non-Illuminated Bumper
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12717
In Stock

#314 Girder Bridge
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12730
In Stock

LIONEL O GAUGE TRACK CLIP - O Gauge Track Clips Keep your O-Gauge track sections together with these easy to use slide on clips Perfect for keeping temporary or floor layouts together
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12743
In Stock

Rock Piers, Detailed molded construction, Classic Postwar styling, Set of 2.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12744
In Stock

Complete graduated trestle set for O and O-27 gauge track (Not for use with Fastrak)
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12754
In Stock

Complete elevated trestle set for O and O-27 gauge track
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12755
In Stock

19 1/4 Inch Long, Single Track Bridge for O-27 and O gauge trains.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12770

Completely factory assembled and ready for use. New window box allows easy storage of your bridge so it can be used year after year. Compatible with O-27, O, and FasTrack track systems. Metal base. Flashing top-mounted beacon. Rock pie...
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12772
In Stock

Set of four #72 Highway Lights with Brilliant illumination.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12804
In Stock

Trucks and cars can cross the tracks over these specially designed grade crossings. Pack of 2.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12839
In Stock

Special 10 inch std O section with all three rails insulated. All three rails are insulated from each other. Use to operate trackside lights and accessories. When used with track clip (LIO62905) Power from live outside rail is carried across to oppos...
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12840
In Stock

Railroad Crossing Flasher. Red lights flash when train passes by, 153C Spring Pressure Contactor included. Dimensions: 9" height. Designed for use with O gauge or Standard Gauge Trains. Can also be used with accessory activation track Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12888

2 Tunnell portals for O and O-27 gauge trains. Detailed molded construction, Portals with raised Lionel lettering, Classic Postwar styling. Set of 2 Dimensions: 7"x 8 1/2"
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12896
In Stock

Standard O gauge Tinplate Tubular Rails (3) with Steel Pin Type Connectors (3) and Black Steel Cross Ties (3). A complete 42 inch diameter circle requires 12 sections of this track.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO12925
In Stock

Passing trains activate banjo mechanism.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO14090
In Stock

"Mainline Auto Crossing Gate" with red flashing signal and gate that drops when train passes by.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO14098
Pre Order

Infared Sensors detect passing trains and activate connected accessories. Time delay ajustment knob from zero to 5 seconds.
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO14111
Pre Order

Lionel Track Accessory - Lighted Track Power Connector Lock-on - LIO14112
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO14112
In Stock

Includes Roadway End Caps for Smooth Transition to Any Layout Road. To use with Lionel Fastrack you will also need two of LIO12040 adaptor sections. To use with MTH Realtrax you will need two of MTH401011 adaptor sections. To use with Atlas O Track y...
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO21283
In Stock

Protect valuable electronics equipped rolling stock and locomotives from power surges and spikes. Special duplexed electronics. B-Directional Duplexed. Fits all Lionel Tubular Rail Type Track.

Manufacturers Part Number: LIO21419

Stone Style Bridge Piers (2), Lionel Model Trains, LIO22363
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO22363
In Stock

Deluxe Complete Track Pack (0-Gauge) ---This complete O-Gauge track set will allow you create this detailed layout. No additional track required. 20 - pieces curved track (6-65501) 22 - pieces straight track (6-65500) 2 - 90 degree crossovers (6-6554...
Manufacturers Part Number: LIO22969


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